About Us

The Mission

       SIGYN was founded in 2021 by Zion Ponder. The name ”Sigyn” comes from Old Norse mythology, where she was a deity, commonly theorized to be the goddess of victory. Although SIGYN is a Christian-based brand, the name “SIGYN” represents the strive to be victorious in any given circumstance. To overcome obstacles in this world, we must be warriors. And what do warriors do? They fight. They fight wars. They fight for peace. They fight for justice, and they fight through tough situations. Here at SIGYN, we believe in four virtues that make a great warrior. Self-discipline, strength, fearlessness, and faith. We need to have a warrior spirit to become the best versions of ourselves and change the world. 

       The first virtue is strength. This one is easy to understand: every warrior needs to be strong. Although physical strength is essential, you also need mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. This is where the enemy attacks the most, so we have to be strong in multiple areas of our lives (Ephesians 6:12). Even the strongest people can be broken if they’re mentally, emotionally, or spiritually weak. 

       The next virtue is discipline. This is one of the more demanding virtues to uphold. Discipline is about doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it. Anybody can be great, but without discipline, you’ll give up under the slightest resistance. Yes, motivation is good, but that only gets you started. Discipline is what keeps you going.

       Fearlessness is the virtue that brings arguably the most joy to life. Think about how many opportunities and experiences we’ve missed out on in life because we were too scared or too shy. Life is too short to be afraid of anything (Psalm 23:4). And as a warrior, you cannot win in life through fear. It only limits your potential. That’s why fear and doubt kill more dreams than failure ever will. The absolute only thing we should fear is God (Proverbs 22:4).

       Last but certainly not least - faith. Without faith, everything we do is in vain.

       That’s the mission: simply to make the world a better place by becoming better people and helping those in need. Often, that means bettering ourselves mentally and physically. That’s why one of the main focuses of this brand is gym attire and fitness. Like music, exercise is an outlet for people to help clear their minds and improve their quality of life. Also, by expanding SIGYN, it will finally give us a platform to shed light on dire situations that don’t receive enough attention. Ultimately, I want to use SIGYN as a means to inspire change. So… will you join the cause?